About Us


Our Senior Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Deaconess and the RHEMA Harvest Church Family welcome you to come and worship with us. Our prayer is that you receive God's spoken word for your life.

We would like to get to know you, as well as you knowing us. We'll offer you many choices for receiving the friendships available to you here at RHEMA Harvest Church.

We seek to invoke God's presence to dwell among us. We are thankful for what God is doing in this Ministry, the anointing of spiritual wisdom in our Pastors, and the remarkable opportunity to touch lives in the community. We pray that your life is greatly enriched by your fellowship with us at RHEMA Harvest Church. May God bless you and we pray that you will join us for an awesome praise and worship experience and bring your family and friends.


Our mission is to build a community of believers through communicating Christ to the lost. We are building a community to serve a community. In serving a community, we will win a community. In winning a community, we will change a city. In changing a city, we will transform a Nation.


Our purpose is to establish the will of God, in the people of God, through the power of God. 


We are committed in being instrumental in seeing that more lives are touched by the power and the truth of God's Word. We are also excited about becoming unified with the community as we continue to honor and give God the praise and the glory through:

  • Praise and Worship - An uplifting time to give God praise and a time to be close to Him as we give Him worship. 
  • The Sermon - Delivered with passion from an anointed vessel of God. 


620 Baker Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

(757) 351-6609
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